The BAMAC Group has been active in Germany for over 25 years:
We pursue a simple goal: to increase your competitiveness with the help of digital solutions.

Our mission: IT Value Growth

Together with our customers, we shape sustainable and profitable companies of tomorrow.

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The aim of IT performance management is to identify the company's performance on the basis of key figures and to include these parameters in the planning of services, projects and products. The immediate benefit for companies is that they can consciously invest their IT resources in the best-selling products and cost-saving potential is made visible. At the BAMAC Group, KPI systems have been continuously built up and further developed for 25 years.


IT benchmarking focuses on using the information obtained in the cost or price benchmark as a guide for digital investments. In the cost benchmark, the actual expenses of the company are determined and classified in comparison with competitors. The price benchmark, on the other hand, compares market prices with standardized services. This results in concrete recommendations for action regarding the use and selection of service providers, investment decisions and competitive strategies. The BAMAC Group can draw on data from more than 12,000 national and international projects.


Managing change within the company involves organizational structuring in projects and programs. This makes the progress necessary to meet the company's goals measurable. BAMAC Group's strength lies in using experienced managers who, in addition to a business background, are proficient in software development (in-house development and customizing of standard software).


Digital technologies usually necessitate the redesign of organizational structures. New value chains can be opened up, products and services developed further and customer interaction redesigned. The challenge is to support the digital transformation in companies, given existing infrastructure, and to integrate it into the business model. The BAMAC Group provides holistic teams that can accompany both the technical and the organizational introduction on the basis of processes end-to-end.


The digital transformation of companies has had a major impact on the requirements placed on IT: The goal is for IT to act as a business enabler. IT helps to shape corporate processes. The disclosure of the current value contribution of IT gives companies the ability to use IT as a resource in a way that can be planned and measured. This sustainably increases the company's competitiveness.


The basis for optimizing companies and the profitable use of resources is knowledge of one's own company processes. Best practice solutions can be used to optimize processes, workflows, resources and throughput times. With regard to the design of processes, the questions arise as to which processes are needed in the digital transformation, how existing processes can be automated and which qualifications are required in the company. Process management is used as an intermediary between business processes and IT. The BAMAC Group has its strength in implementing holistic solutions from business process modeling to technical modeling and implementation.


Digital solutions are the basis for new products and process automation in companies. The selection of the necessary digital solutions is made individually based on the company's needs: A distinction is made here between the introduction of standard applications versus in-house developments. Decision criteria are the economic efficiency and sustainability of the investments. The strength of the BAMAC Group is to demonstrably increase the IT value contribution for companies and to be able to provide productive and efficient development teams for the implementation of the projects.


We accompany our customers End2End from the conception to the implementation of their digitization solution.

– Jürgen W. Bach, Founder & CEO


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